A historical pharmacy in Fabriano


The historical pharmacy Mazzolini Giuseppucci has been overlooking the Fabriano main street for over a century. In 2010, 20 years after its closure, this magical treasure chest reopened to the general public revealing an invaluable masterpiece of Italian Neo Gothic architecture which in 1983 has been officially recognized an historic landmark by the Ministry for its exceptional historical and artistic significance.

Crossing the pharmacy threshold, the visitors are under the impression of walking into a world apart, where immortal images, carved in wood, guide you through the fascinating tale of scientific and technological progresses of the XVII and XVIII centuries.
The carved wood covers the entire ceiling and walls and gives a glowing sensation that welcomes the visitors to this unique place, a monument to the noble Galenic pharmaceutical tradition and which today is reborn with the launch of the “1896 Science and Nature” product line. The ancient art of the apothecary is made contemporary.

From Galenical Preparations to Natural Cosmetics

Giovanna Giuseppucci is the creator and producer of every cosmetic listed in our catalogue. She undertook a long and thorough scientific research using new innovative experimental techniques which have resulted in the 1896 line of natural cosmetics “Science and Nature”.

Dr Giovanna Giuseppucci is both a researcher and a third generation pharmacist who has committed her passion and competence to Galenical formulations and to the study of naturally occurring active ingredients, combining traditional knowledge and modern technology.

This is the origin of the new formulas which exploit the powerful synergy between the phytocomplex and raw materials, environmentally friendly and strictly selected, to satisfy the needs of every type of skin in complete safety.

“1896 Science and Nature” natural cosmetics can be purchased in the Giuseppucci’s historical pharmacy in Fabriano and online on the website 

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